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Ocean City, NJ Vacation Rental




  • No smoking or pets in the house
  • No fish cleaning in the house
  • 1st floor front and back patios are available for your use. (Please do not use the upstairs deck as it is a private residence.)
  • 1st floor has 3 bedrooms and sleeps 6 people (2 queen beds, 2 twin beds)
  • Bring bed clothes(pillow cases, sheets) and towels(bath cloths, bath towels and beach towels)Please – do not sleep on the beds without sheets or a cleaning fee will be added.


ADDRESS: 5517 Haven Ave, Ocean City NJ 08226

AIR CONDITIONING: Zone air conditioners are in each bedroom and the living room. Please turn them off at the end of your vacation. 

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  If you wish to enjoy alcoholic beverages during your stay, plan ahead. Ocean City is a dry town. 

BARBECUE GRILL: There is a gas grill available, but there are many eateries with take-out within walking distance of the house. 

BEACH: To go to the 55th Street guarded beach, turn left from the back of the house onto the alleyway, then right at the corner. 

BEACH TAGS: Daily, weekly and seasonal beach tags may be purchased on the beach or at one of the following locations:

  • 34th Street (at Simpson Avenue), Sat 9-4, Sun 9-2
  • 46th Street Welcome Center (46th and West) daily 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Boardwalk Music Pier (Moorlyn Terr & Boardwalk) daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (with extended weekend hours)
  • Community Center (17th and Simpson), Mon-Fri 5 am-9 pm; Sat 7-6; Sun 9-6 (no holidays)
  • Beach Tags are required for all beach-goers ages 12 and older and are required from June through September. 
  • Military beach tags are available at City Hall, the Welcome Center on the Causeway, the 46th Street Welcome Center and the Music Pier Info Center.  Remember to have proper military identification to receive your free tag(s). Veterans receive free tags (veteran only). Active military members, spouses and immediate children up to age 23 receive free tags.  
BED CLOTHES: Please bring bed clothes.  There are 2 queen-size beds and 2 twin beds.  Bring clothing for the beds you will use. Please do not sleep on beds without sheets.
BEVERAGES:  Enjoy beverages in kitchen and outdoor areas.  Ice may be purchased across the street (55th Street) at Boyar’s Market.

CHILDREN: Adult supervision of children is expected at all times.

CLOTHESLINE: There is a clothes line by the outdoor shower. Please use it to hang bathing suits, beach towels, etc. Do not hang towels on bedroom doors or dressers as this will damage the furniture. 

FOOD: Enjoy food in kitchen and outdoor areas. Upon your departure, please do not leave any food or condiments in the refrigerator or cabinets.

FURNITURE: Please leave furniture where it is.  Do not take patio furniture to the beach or move indoor furniture outside. 

GROCERY:  There is an Acme market at 34th Street.INTERNET: WiFi is available.  See the note on the refrigerator for the access information.

KEYS: If you lose your key, call your rental agent.

LAUNDRY: There is a coin-operated laundromat at 1555 Haven.  It is open 24 hours a day.  

OUTDOOR SHOWER: Located in the rear of the house by the stairs.  Please rinse off sand before entering the house.

PETS: This is a no pets house for the benefit of those with pet allergies.  A fee will be charged for violation.

PHONE: Please use your mobile device.

SAND: Please rinse sand in the outdoor shower.  Leave sandy belongings outside. Do not bring beach bags, chairs and towels into the house.  When rainy, leave beach chairs under the covered outdoor patio. If drains are clogged due to sand, a repair fee will be added.

SANDY BODIES: Even if you plan to shower in the house, rinse off the sand in the outdoor shower first to avoid drain clog. 

SANDY CLOTHES: Leave sandy clothes and towels on the clothes line.  

SHOWER: There is an outdoor shower with hot and cold water.  All beach goers must rinse off sand in the outdoor shower before entering the house.  Do not use the indoor shower when you are still sandy; it will clog the drain.
SMOKING: This is a smoke-free house.
TRASH AND RECYCLING: Trash cans are located in each bedroom and off the kitchen in the laundry room.  Recyclable trash must be separated from regular trash.  Please rinse and clean off plastics trash before placing it in the trash can.  There is a recyclables trash can in the laundry room.  A recyclable trash can and regular trash can are located by the garage for your use.  Extra plastic trash bags are located in the laundry room.  Regular trash cans must be lined with plastic bags so they may be easily wrapped up for disposal on your departure day.  See recycling details and the trash pick-up schedule on the refrigerator.
AIR CONDITIONING UNITS:  Turn off all air conditioners.
BEACH TAGS:  If you borrowed a beach tag from your rental agent, please return it prior to your departure.
BEVERAGES:  Take all unfinished beverages with you.  Rinse and dispose empties in the recyclable trash can.
CHECKOUT:  Call or text your rental agent as pre-arranged.
DOORS and WINDOWS: Be sure front and back doors are locked. Close and lock all windows.
FOOD: Remove all food and condiments from house.
KEYS:  Return keys to rental agent as pre-arranged.
LIGHTS: Turn off all lights, including outdoor lights.
PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Check all rooms, closets and drawers to be sure you have all of your belongings.
TRASH: When you leave, put your non-recycle trash bag(s) in the trash behind the garage. Put trash for recycling in the recycling bin at the rear of the garage.  Recycling is mandatory in Ocean City. Use the recycling bins for bottles, cans and washed out plastic food containers (no plastic bags, paper or cardboard.) See the trash pick-up schedule and recycling details posted on the refrigerator.